So I go for my swim this morning. Now this is the first time I've been swimming in a week and a half what with the flooding, my tooth, etc.... So my only real plan this morning was to swim. I thought I'd just swim slow, work on my form, for like a mile or so. Well, after I started doing the laps I got bored, then around lap 8 I inhaled a ton of water and decided to take a short rest. I did those first 400 m in 11:11, I was like - sweet!! So I decided to do another 400m which I did with flip turns at EVERY wall in 10:43 - sweet!!! So I decided to do another 400m with bilateral breathing the entire time (I really need to work on this, I have the hardest time breathing to the left) and I did it in 12:28 - sweet!!! By now I'm getting pretty tired but, since that was 24 laps, I decided to do 1 more lap as fast as I could. That was 50 m in 57 seconds - I could not believe it!!! WooHoo!!!! So this morning's swim was just awesome. It really gives me hope that I may someday be a decent swimmer ;)


backofpack said…
Wow! Way to go! I guess everything is better with the tooth?
nancytoby said…
That's impossible. Nobody can swim that fast.

Well, I sure can't, at least.

Bolder said…
oh yah... it keeps gettin' better and better...

keep workin' the problem -- you get results!

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