03 March 2006

Another rainy day.

We were flooded again this morning. In fact, we had to get up at midnight to move our cars because our drive was flooding again. How much fun is it to get up at midnight, walk through cold standing water in the rain, move your car, and then walk back through it. When I got back to bed I couldn' t go back to sleep. Ugh!!! I finally made it to work around noon, just in time for lunch :) So, no training again today. Wait!!! I lied. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical this morning then hubby and I broke out the bikes and took a 1 hour ride looking at all the flooding devestation. We didn't go very far, just cruised along looking at all the damage caused by the rain and flooding. It's not good. We were incredibly lucky to survive unscathed. So that's it. Just another day in paradise.

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