20 March 2006


Well, it's monday so this morning was swimming. I actually got everything ready last night so this morning was breeze. Must remember to do this everynight!!!

I had my mind set on 2000m today, and I did it :)

250m warm-up: 6:45
500m: 13:46
500m: 13:46
500m: 13:55
250m variety: 8:07

Total: 2000m 1:02:56

Now the really good thing about this swim is the consistency of the times. I'm really, really excited about that. Also, I'm trying to work on breathing to my left side so going down I breathed on the left, returning I breathed on the right, for the 1st two 500m. On the final 500m I did bilateral breathing the entire time - wooooohoooooo!!!
For the final 250m I did 50m side stroke, 50m breast stroke, 50m side stroke, 50m back stroke, 50m side stroke. Oh yes, flip turns the entire time.

I pushed myself past my comfort zone today and it felt good. First, I did flip turns the entire time even though I'm still dealing with the whole freaking a little with every turn. At one point I said to myself "you've proved yourself, you can stop with the flip turns" but I would not buy into it and just kept flipping.

Second, breathing on my left causes me to sink and I don't breath well and it's generally a nightmare. I wanted to give it up but I just kept doing it even though it was killing me. I did it and it did start to get easier towards the end.

Third, bilateral breathing after doing 1250m is not easy. Especially if you're like me and freak slightly when you can't breath when you want to. But I did it!!! I have got to get comfortable doing all of these things so the pool is the place to practice.

Okay, one awesome workout for the week down :)

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Bolder said...

wow! what swimmin' progress.

i'm not even freakin' flip turnin'!




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