14 April 2006

Happy Easter!!!!

You know, even as a kid I could never buy into this Easter bunny thing. I could not figure out for the life of me, why the Easter bunny delivered chocolate on the day Jesus arose from the dead. HUH?????? Of course, now I understand the whole pagan-religious connection and how Constantine interwined the two to get people hooked.

Which leads to the question, why are the religious people so darn upset about The DaVinci Code and the Judas Testament??? I am not a particularly religious person but I definitely believe there is a higher power and something beyond this life. If I really thought this was it I'd probably end it now. So what would be the harm, really, if Jesus and Mary were married???? Personally it would make a lot more sense to me. Him being married and possibly having children seems to make his whole existence more believable, to me anyway.

And the Judas testament!!! Why would it be so incredibly horribly if Jesus asked Judas to betray him??? If Jesus orchestrated the entire thing? That's bad? If you believe that Jesus is the son of god it kind of doesn't matter what he does, it's more about who he is yeah??????

Okay, enough religion. I could carry on about this all day because while I believe in God, people who can't accept that something else may have happened scare the hell out of me. After all, the bible was written by people, not by God, and put together by Constantine. Lots of writing were omitted that showed a different point of view.

Really, that's all.

Training. Today was a short 30 minute run. Since I'm working on aerobic conditioning I kept my HR below 140, so I ran slooowwww. But I did it and that really is the point. You'll notice I've updated my sidebar info, jeez I'm slow. Tomorrow is a rest day then Sunday begins 6 days of swim, bike, run, fun.

Tomorrow is my birthday so the folks at work are buying lunch today. We don't have any real plans tomorrow, at least I don't think so, just a quiet day of finishing getting the house in order.

'Nuff said. Have a great weekend.


Nancy Toby said...

Uh, yeah. And Jesus rose on the third day... WTF? Saturday is one day, Sunday is 2 days.... whooooops! Don't get me started with my blasphemy!! :-)

Have a great weekend! Your picture cracks me up, sick psycho that I am.

Linda said...

Love the picture, was he hit by a mad tri-biker? HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!


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