19 June 2006

Among the missing.

Seems like a lot of bloggers are that. I'm guessing that with the nice weather people are out doing things instead of sitting inside in front of their computers. That's what I've been doing.

I've reached that point in my month where I have no real energy. I want to do things I'm just tired. So I've scaled back training a little and am taking it easy. It's already starting to pass so that's good.

Friday was my rest day so I slept in and it was sweet. Saturday turned out to be kind of busy and I ended up not getting any training in. Sunday I did not feel like running or biking so I decided to do weights. I had picked up a jumprope at the store and put together a little bootcamp for myself. I jumped for 5 minutes to warm up, then I did my weights and jumped on the recovery periods. It was fun but it was hard!!! Today my calves are killing me. I feel like I'm walking funny. But it was definitely fun. When I get into these low energy periods, one thing I've discovered is something new will keep me moving.

This morning was swimming. It was raining and I was so thankful that I didn't have to run or bike :) So today was my long swim and I decided to do 800 meters at a moderate pace. It took me 21:43. Now my goal for my tri in one month is 850 in 20 minutes. I think with some focused work I will be able to pull this off, Yes!!!!

I also am trying to work on my rolling. When I roll to the side I tend to sink. None of the TI drills address this well so I made up my own little drill. I stretch out my arm and balance on that side and kick down the lane. By staying on my side with my arm out (like during a stroke) I'm able to work on my balance on the side. This morning I found that if I put my head against my arm and pushed down just a little I was able to balance fairly well. So I did about 6 laps going down on my left side and returning on my right. It was going pretty well, now I have to incorporate that into my stroke. Overall a good morning.

I have to go call the doctor, I think I scratched my eye. Last night while I was doing dishes I suddenly got this pain in my right eye. It bothered me the rest of the night and when I got up this morning. Everytime I blink (which I do way more than I thought) it feels scratchy and it's driving me crazy. So I'm off.

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