29 June 2006

Public Service Announcement

A few weeks back I made an offer to those of you out in blogland. I was trying to start a little internet business and offered free gifts of what I was making to those who wanted. A number of you responded and I happily began working away. Unfortunately I ran into a technical problem that I have been unable to resolve. The items are essentially done, but for the last several weeks I have been banging my head against a wall trying to finish them. It's just not working. I have finally decided to admit defeat. While I will continue to work on the problem, I wanted to let those of you expecting something - don't. Trust me your real names and addresses will be destroyed and never used for nefarious purposes. I have found myself stressing over getting these out and spending way too much time on it. If and when I find a solution I will extend the offer once again. Now, of course, that I have admitted defeat I will find the solution that has been eluding me.

On to the training. I stayed up a little too late last night and when the alarm went off this morning I hit the snooze too many times. I ended up waking up too late to go for a bike ride which turned out to be a good thing. Around what would have been the halfway point of my ride (the furthest point from my house) it poured rain for about 20 minutes (just how long it would have taken me to get back home). I would have been riding in hard pouring rain, with the wind howling and the roads slick and I probably would have hurt myself. So a rest day turned out to be a good thing. I will do weights tonight.

Well, I have work to do so I better get going.

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