31 July 2006

Back at it.

That alarm seemed to go off awfully early this morning. We had a birthday party to go to last night and against my better judgment I had 2 beers. The problem with me drinking at night is then I have trouble sleeping. So I woke up a few times last night and when that alarm went off I was not ready for it.

But I got up!!!!

I was only doing at time trial this morning anyway so I knew I wouldn't be swimming for hours. So I slowly got my act together and headed off to the pool.

I warmed up for 400 m, slow, slow, breast stroke and freestyle. I was shooting for 5-10 minute warm up not a distance.

Next I did 3 x 300m with :30 rest. Those went at: 6:54, 7:09, 7:14. Using this information I can calculate my 100m time and use it as a base. With my new training program I will run this test once a month to see if there's improvement. So my average 300m is 7:05 which works out to 2:22 per 100m. Okay, that's not pretty but it's a starting point. Also, I wasn't totally pushing myself. I was swimming at race pace, something I could sustain for awhile. Okay, now I know where I need to go with the swim.

Tomorrow is the bike time trial. See where I am with that and how I can improve.

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