04 September 2006


Okay, I love this guy. I have since the first time I saw him. He was crazy and totally loved what he was doing. He took risks and wasn't afraid to push the limits. At the same time he was a passionate advocate for animals. He believed in education and entertainment. It was because of him that hunting was not allowed in Australia. He was an amazing man who lived what he believed.

Okay, having said that I had huge problems when I heard he died from Stingray. My degree is in marine biology and we studied skates and rays and I don't recall hearing about anyone who died from a sting. I know that stingrays have poison but I don't believe it's fatal. So all day it's been bugging me that he died from a stingray.

Finally tonight more details came out and now I get it. He got hit with a stingray barb (they can reach up to 8") right in the heart. My god, it was like he got stabbed in the heart!!! Ugh!!! So the poison didn't kill him the barb did.

My heart goes out to his family. Him and Terry have 2 young children and I really feel for them.


Anonymous said...

He was amazing! When my dog Alex (a sweet standar d schnauzer) was still alive "Crocodile Hunter" was her favorite show. She used get right in front of the screen and paw and bite at whatever he was chasing down. There were times I thought she'd go through the screen. It is sad that he is gone.

Anonymous said...

so sad and such an unbelievable thing to happen. i was saying to my husband, you always thought one day it would happen because he immersed himself so much in the habitats of dangerous animals, but you always figured it would be a snake or croc. my heart goes out to his wife and little children. they say they have it on tape, i just cannot imagine it. so so sad.

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

My undergrad background is marine bio as well. That means we know this was freak accident. I've stood in shallow water surounded by a herd of stingrays for heavens sake.

Sad. Very, very sad.

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