01 October 2006

A good weekend.

Not much training but a fun weekend.

Yesterday I went for a 90 minute bike ride. Not speeding, just spinning along getting some time in. After we went out to lunch (beer) hung around the house for a while; went to a party (lots of beer) and came home and crashed. Since I haven't drunk that much beer in at least a year, I am out of it today. Really out of it. But that's okay, we had a great time at the party.

The lady who retired worked for the marines for 40 years. She was a civilian employee, assistant to the post general or something like that. Early on in the party there was this corporal walking around with an attache case handcuffed to his wrist. I had a feeling it was a setup. After a couple of hours a bagpiper came in and the festivities started. The generals spoke and a "top secret" message was delivered to her. It was the combination to the attache case. She opened it up and inside was a crystal obelisk commemorating her 40 years of service. It was kind of cheesy but cute.

In more important news, I've worked out my training plan for the next year. Tomorrow I'm starting training for Honu 70.3 in June. My last sprint this year is next Sunday so I'm ready to begin my big training. I'm moving into a slow, base building period. I figure it's okay to start this week since I was going to taper for my race anyway.

I'm also revamping my diet. I've been eating at regular intervals (2-3 hours) for 2 1/2 weeks now and I can feel a change in my body. I don't get really full. I think my theory is correct. My body is used to getting food regularly it doesn't store as much as fat. There are ways to tell if things are being stored or just passing through but we won't go there :) So now that the body is used to getting food I'm going to tweak the diet slightly. I'm going to slowly introduce a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day (500 x 7 = 3500 = 1 lb). I'm trying to up my protein intake slightly. Right now I'm averaging about 20% a day, I want to bring it closer to 30%. I also want to reduce my carbs. Right now they are about 60% , I'm going to try a get them down to around 40%. My fat is hovering around 30% and that's pretty good so I'm going to try and leave it there. My BMR is 1400 - 1500 cals. Since I really can't go any lower than that I'm going to rely on my exercise. I'm going to use my HRM to calculate my calorie expenditure (taking it's number minus at least 10%). I will be using my HRM anyway since this will be base building I want to keep the HR down. Okay, there you have it. The serious work begins tomorrow and I'm anxious to start.


Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Wow! Big plans. Using the HRM to calculated calories is a good idea, especially if you subtract 10%. Those calculations really helped me last year.

Good luck on the diet changes!

Vickie said...

Hey Flo, thanks for the nice words on my blog. I do remember finding your blog and reading it at some time pre accident but can't remember! Sorry.

Anyway, your diet plan sounds good. I pretty much did the same thing this past year, and during the months before the accident lost about 26 pounds. So keep tweaking your diet until you feel you can maintain strength while losing. Cutting a lot of unnecessary carbs out was the hardest but the best way to lose.

As for your plans to do a half IM, way to go! I hope to be able to plan to do the same next year. I really want to do a full but doubt it will happen next year. So maybe we can keep each other posted on our progress toward the half!

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