20 December 2006


Okay, Linae and Sharon, you got me thinking. Can I do both???

I know myself and my immediate reaction is to say no, I can't. But the more I think about it the more I think maybe I can.

That 70.3 is such a huge thing to me that I continue to think I need at least 6 months of training in order to even finish such a thing. I can't imagine trying to accomplish something like that with only 12 weeks of training.

The weight training I plan on doing is a circuit routine. It starts off deceptively simple but gradually increases over time so by the end of 12 weeks an hour work out completely wipes me out.

But now I'm starting to think maybe.....

What if I did just blast the weight loss for 3 months then move into training? I've been planning on using running and biking for my cardio work, all I need is to squeeze some swimming in.

So here's what I'm thinking:

Monday: Running or biking
Tuesday: Weight training
Wednesday: Swimming
Thursday: Weight training
Friday: Running or biking
Saturday: Weight training
Sunday: Biking and ocean swimming

Wow, why couldn't that work?? Wednesdays would be my "rest" day by only swimming. Sundays I could head over to Waikiki and get some good hills in and an ocean swim. Hmmm....

This is something I will definitely have to tweak till I get a program I can live with for 12 weeks.

Then I will switch things up and hit the swimming harder and be ready of Honu. This could work.


Vickie said...

Well I'm rooting for you. I was in the same place last year at this time--so many things I wanted to do but the weight thing was looming over my head. I was always thinking "if only I could get rid of this gut" "if only I could lose those 20 pounds." What I didn't do and should have was broke it down--work on the weight at the same time as I worked on the smaller other goals. It took all summer to finally get in shape, but I think you can do it. I keep wondering how much farther I might be if not for the accident,but one up side of that was another weight loss, so I guess and a turn around in my thinking. I don't hope something that serious for you, but once you start having the weight loss success, your confidence will go up and you will definitely think you can! I do think with a big goal like a 70.3 ahead of you that you will be motivated in every aspect--weight loss and training. The worst thing is you might not make your goal time, but you will succeed in trying to get to the start line at least!

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit!

Sure, it can take 6 months to train for a half ironman but you don't start out at 10-15 hours per week. Build a base first. The program you set out is very reasonable. The ocean swim on Friday gives you flexibility should you need to drop the Wed workout. As long as you keep Friday's swim a decent legth, you'll have time to build swim volume after February.

GO FLO!!!!

Nancy Toby said...

Well, if you say you can or you can't, you're right either way!!!

But I'm all for big goals. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

I think you can do whatever you put your mind to! Wt loss and then training or both at the same time why not?? You sound like you really want to do this race so go for it.
I always thinking I must get this wt off to try a triathalon and I will get most off hopefully by August do to that mini tri but now I'm reading the "slow, fat triathelete" and she was doing tri's even when chubby, why not? Of course, this are smaller than the one you are going to do.
I do really think 1/2 of it is in our minds, if you want to do it you can!!!

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