100 Days.....

I was over visiting Commodore when I noticed his countdown to IMAZ was at 100 days. Well, the significance of that to me is that it falls on my birthday. I thought, 100 days to my birthday, I should do something. Make some kind of goal or something, but what???....... After thinking about it all day, I've decided to exercise 1 hour everyday for 100 days. Since I have a training plan this won't be hard on most days. On the days that are scheduled rest days I figure I'll take the dogs for a walk or something, they'll love it. So that's it, 1 hour for 100 days.

On another note, I found a tri on my birthday, aside from IMAZ that is. There is a sprint tri here, so I'm in!!

Okay, that's all I have to say. I'm a little tired. I'm swimming in the morning so I'll have to get to bed early tonight.


What a cool, do-able goal!
Vickie said…
I love finding races on my birthday. Then you have the shirt with the date as a remembrance too.

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