03 January 2007

Into the great wide open......

So today was the first swim in about...... in a long time. While I love being in the water, I can be a little panicky, especially if I haven't been in awhile. So I decided this mornings swim would be just a swim. No drills, no intervals, nothing fancy, just a swim. And it was, just a swim. I ended up doing 1000m and calling it a day. Oh yeah, since I hadn't been to the pool in a while there was lots of talking and catching up . I was there 40 mins but only swam 1000m, so that's it.

I've been weight training for about 3 weeks now and man, did I feel it when I was swimming. My lats and chest were killing me. But I can feel my catch and pull is stronger. I can actually feel myself being propelled through the water. I can feel the differences in speed when I pull and when I don't. I don't think I've ever felt that before. Cool.

As I was swimming I was thinking about last year. It was 1 year ago I started swimming at the Y pool. Before that I swam in the ocean where we lived. But last January I decided I needed the structure and discipline of a track (pool) to work on my swimming. So I joined the Y and started. It was a rocky start. I could hardly make a lap without panicking a little. In the ocean I could always touch the bottom, I couldn't do that in the pool.
So, like a true geek, I went online and got a plan. I found a swimming plan that built you up to swimming 1 mile continuously in 6 weeks I think. It was very simple and basic. Swim 1 lap, take 8 breaths, swim 1 lap, take 8 breaths, etc. The next week; swim 2 laps, take 6 breaths, swim 2 laps, take 6 breaths.....It was hard at first but I did it religiously and in 6 weeks I could swim 1 mile continuously.

So as I'm slowly swimming along this morning I was thinking about this. I had a goal (swim 1 mile), I had a plan, and I succeeded. So this week it's just time to get used to swimming again. But I need a goal and I need a plan. I know I reach whatever goal I decide on.

Okay, that's it. It's really late here, I'm moving slow and I've got to get some work done. Everyone seemed to think they needed to bring all their samples in on Dec 29, so I have a huge pile of chemistry to get done.


sharon said...

Maybe we science people work best when we follow the procedure book.
We need detailed instructions and we don't like to vary one iota.
Does that make us anal?
So what
If being anal and having a plan (procedure) makes us happy and works for us - give me the procedure book!

Toasty said...

1 mile .... that is impressive! I look forward to reading what your next goal will be.

Flo said...

Sharon, I think you're right!! Give me the procedure, tell what to do step by step and I'm there!! Where is the Standard Methods book for swimming?????

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