23 January 2007

This was almost like work.

Since it was raining today I decided that it would be a good day to go bike shopping. Now I should explain that I really know squat about bikes. They have 2 weeks, some gears, some brakes, I'm good to go. But in order to get the best bike for the money you really have to have some idea of what's going on. So today was looking, pricing, and learning.

Oh. My. God.

You would not believe all the crap that's flying around in my head right now. Carbon fiber, forks, Ultegra, 105, gear ratios, geometry, WSD, shaft length, 11 teeth, 13 teeth, compact cranks, blah, blah, blah.........

I looked at a lot of bikes today but the ones I seriously considered were: Specialized Roubaix, Kestral Talon, and Fuji S2. I test rode all 3 and it's hard to get a feel with just a few minutes on a bike. I need to ride it for 2 hours and see how I feel then.

Anyway, the Specialized Robaix I was not impressed with. I don't know exactly what I didn't like but there was something that just didn't feel right to me. And of course I didn't have a full blown bike fitting but I tried a couple of different sizes and something just felt wrong. So I pretty much crossed that one off my list.

The Kestral Talon was a real nice bike. I felt good and the ride was really nice. The only reason I even considered this bike was that the bike shop is clearing out the old models and I could get it for $1500. BUT...... After I rode it and left the shop I started to think..... Is that too much bike for me. Seriously. I will not be "racing", I will be doing tris and riding on the road. That's all. Do I really need a serious racing bike even if it is the low end one??? I don't think so. So I think this one is out too, although I am still considering it.

The Fuji S2. Oh yeah. I really liked the way it rode and the way I felt on it. Again, I was only on it for about 20 minutes but I liked it. A lot!!! There are 2 main selling points to this one. It's only $1,000. And it's PINK!!!!! Yeah, okay, I know the color is a minor consideration but I really think I'd be faster on a pink bike with a matching helmet (which Giro makes!!!!)

Now I haven't made the final decision and won't for a couple of weeks. I'm going to look at a couple of more bikes but I think this one is the one.

If any of my readers (Ross) have any opinions or suggestions one way or the other, please feel free to just jump right in. As I said, wheels, gears, brakes, let's go :)


Ashley Chin said...

Go for the PINK one!!!!

Vickie said...

I like the pink! I'm looking more seriously right now too and crossed the Specialized off my list too. So we'll see who gets what first!

Ross said...

Ok, being a woman in this situation is working to your extreme disadvantage. You HAVE to disregard the color. For $1000 you can get the Fuji. It's not a bad bike but it is an entry level bike. The Kestrel is an awesome bike. If money really is an issue get the Fuji.

I'll appeal to womanly deal seeker in you. The Talon retails for about $2200 and you can get it for $1500. It's a good deal at $2200. You won't "NEED" another bike for 10 years. If you like racing and riding you'll be replacing the Fuji in a year, really. I've seen it happen dozens of times.

I could actually go on for hours but my professional opinion, (and I don't have a dog in this fight)30 years racing and 25 in the bicycle industry, get as much bicycle as you can afford. If you quit and sell your bike, a high end bike will command a much higher percentage for resale.

Just be sure to get it professionally fit to you. You're better off with the Fuji if it fits right than with the Kestrel not fitting.

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