Here's something you don't hear often.

I was watching Oprah yesterday..... Yeah, I don't say that much. I like Oprah and I think she is definitely someone to be admired and she makes a great role model, I just don't agree with some of her views. She loves Barack Obama and that is really scary. Anyway, I was watching her show yesterday and the guests she had on were saying how you can live your perfect life. One lady had a great example that really resonated with me. She said, if you place an order in a restaurant you fully expect to receive the food just as you ordered it right. Well, the universe works like that. You say you have a crappy life and guess what, you just placed an order for a crappy life. This is something I've always believed in. I have always been absolutely positive that if you think it it will happen. And when I practice that in a positive manner it works every single time. The human mind is the most powerful thing we have.

So while watching this show yesterday it suddenly hit me, I've lost that. I've let the negative things build up and build up and weigh me down. I don't mean just recently either. 1 year ago our truck had burned in the carport and we had gotten evicted. While I did get a little upset over it, I decided to view it as a chance to make major changes. I had no idea how we were going to buy a new truck, pay off the old one (the insurance was a little short) find a place that would allow 3 dogs and pay deposit, first, last months rent. I had no clue. But I knew that I had to do it, I really had no choice. So I went about in a positive manner sure that all would work out and guess what, it did! When we moved I had big plans. I was going to do all kinds of things and start a business and everything. Somehow over the past few months I've let the negative wear me down. I've been dwelling in the negative instead of focusing on the positive. Well, that ends right now.

I sat down last night and wrote up a detailed description of how I want my life to be. I described where I live, what I do for a living, what I do during the day. It's a great vision and I can totally see myself living that life. Beginning today I start making that vision a reality. One of the folks yesterday said you need to move towards your vision everyday but, it doesn't have to be actual progress it can be just symbolic progress. So the forward movement starts today.

One thing I'm considering is renting out the little studio attached to our house. I don't relish the idea of a permanent occupant, but yesterday I was looking on Craigslist and there are a lot of folks looking for short term rentals for the summer. That sounds much better, knowing they will be leaving in the not too distant future. We don't need the money but it could go towards moving us a little closer to my vision.

I have an idea I've been tossing around in my head for a while, but I need your help. What do you guys do with all your race shirts?? What do you think about making a quilt or a pillow out of some of them?? I've done this and I think they are great. I made my husband a king size quilt out of his 49er t-shirts and he uses it all the time. I also made myself a small throw quilt that chronicles my marathon journey in 2005. It's really great because I look at the quilt and can remember every race leading up to the marathon. I plan on doing another one with my races this year because my marathon this year is going to be awesome. I think these would make great ways to remember a fantastic season or just some really good races. If you're doing an Ironman a quilt made of all the shirts leading up to the big dance would be a fun to look at. You could also use it as a wall hanging, I've seen that done with lots of quilts. I've also seen t-shirt pillows which are great to have around like a family or rec room. It really inspires me to see those shirts and remind myself of what I am capable of. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Well, it's Friday (yea!!!) and tomorrow is ProBowl. There is a special kind of insanity that accompanies ProBowl week, thank god it's almost over. All the guys are going to the game tomorrow so I will have the day to myself. Sweet. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, probably just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Have a good day all......


Vickie said…
Well, now that I know I would have a place to stay, I might be able to afford coming to Hawaii! LOL! Anyway, good plan. I too believe you have to be positive in your approach, since I have gone both ways, and the positive always works best. As for living the perfect life, it helps if you have a detailed "dream" too, since it makes it more of a reality. That's what I am trying to do too. I see myself doing an IM, just not this year, so to further that vision, I know I have to keep progressing onto the half level, which is where my dream is at right now. This is something I visualize as often as I can.
I'm generally a glass half full kinda person myself - your perspective doesn't change how much is in the glass, but it changes how fullfilling it is when you drink it. :)

IronMomJenny made a pillow out of my tri race shirt (for a donation to lls) and I love it. I would totally enjoy a throw quilt from old race tshirts. I think that is a great idea. I never wear those tshirts anyway (except for the ones made from CoolMax or whatever it is called).
sharon said…
The race shirts are a problem for me too. I have a plastic storage box under my bed with about 30 shirts. I can't bring myself to get rid of them. They all have memories, almost like old photos. They will probably stay there until the day I die and when my kids are going through my things they will come across them and wonder why I bothered to keep those old ratty shirts and toss them away without a thought. I don't think I'll mind though.
angelfish24 said…
Sounds like a good plan to try to stay positive and not dwell on the negative. I'm trying to do that myself but some days it's hard. Your right, things seem to go much easier when you are thinking positive and a goal or plan is always a good idea.
I don't have race shirts (yet) but a quilt sounds like a great idea.
Have a good weekend.
Comm's said…
my training partners mom made a quilt for him with all his old race shirts. its nice and all but hangs in his garage near his gear. I always would like it but will probably never get around to having it done
WADDLER26.2 said…
I think the fact that you sat down and wrote out what you wanted was a great idea. The order thing in the resteraunt is exactly right!

Do bloggers get a special discount in your studio?? You might have alot of us out there!
Duane said…
Good post Flo!
TriShannon said…
I saw this Oprah show and it got me thinking also. I have a tendancy to doubt myself, to worry too much, etc. No more. We have to believe in ourselves and focus on the positive. Your posting inspried me to put a few things out there.

BTW - Love the t-shirt idea. I have always wanted to do that with some of my shirt.
Deb said…
Wow... without sounding goofy, I think it's brave to acknowledge our 'not so great' behavior and make a change. Here's to YOU, and all your dreams. I know you won't be disappointed!

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