19 March 2007

How could I have forgotten this.

One thing that really irritates me, I mean will send me off quicker than anything, is the total lack of consideration for other people. I think the reason it drives me so crazy is it's so easy to do and yet so common not to.

For example: there is a grocery store where I live and the parking lot is set up in such a way that if you stop in front of the doors you block 2 parking aisles. People would not only stop there but sit and wait for people there. So the store painted the curb red indicating no parking allowed. People still parked there. They then posted signs saying no stopping or standing. People still parked there. They then put up metal posts with chains between them just in the road enough so you couldn't get to the curb. People still parked there. How freaking rude and inconsiderate can you possibly be????

Okay, so yesterday I'm leaving marathon training and there's this giant SUV parked in a red zone blocking some cars who were trying to get out. Now this is a huge park, that driver could have been anywhere. As I walked past the SUV I just shook my head at their stupidity. As I walked past the rear window I noticed there were 2 child seats in the back and I thought, 'they are really setting a good example for their kids.' As I walked around the back of the SUV I noticed a sticker that said, 'Stupid people shouldn't breed' I think they should have taken their own advice.

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Comm's said...

I like to remind people of their bumper stickers. Good post on inconsiderate people

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