19 March 2007

I have got to pay attention.

I have pretty much given up bread. I only eat it once in a while and then I'm careful not to have any other refined carbs the rest of the day. Well yesterday I made a mistake and I'm paying for it this morning.

I came home from my marathon clinic and was hungry. The only thing to eat around here was left over corned beef. Since I wanted to get some things done and go grocery shopping, I just threw a sandwich together and went on about my business. We hubby got home from work around 2:30, he was hungry and asked if I wanted a sandwich. I was hungry and not really thinking so I said sure. I had another sandwich. Finally, for dinner we had soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Um, yeah, another sandwich. I was pretty busy yesterday and honestly never thought about the fact that I was eating 300 times the amount of bread I normally do.

In the middle of the night my gut woke me up, it was not happy. This morning has not been pretty at all. It was supposed to be a weight morning but since I have to stay close to the bathroom, I decided to pass for today. A rest day is always good. But, ugh, stay away from the bread.

On a better note, my plantar seems to have receded and is back to it's normal dull ache. I don't use custom orthotics (after spending a few hundred dollars, I still couldn't get them to fit right) but I do use those Spenco inserts. Someone recommended them years ago and they really work well for me. Anyway, as I was running yesterday I realized that I haven't bought a new pair in a long time. Blink, the light bulb went on. Could that be the problem with my foot???? I'm thinking it is and I will be buying a new pair very, very soon.

Alright, I better get ready for work.

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