28 March 2007

So, just a little dreaming if it does work out.....

Yes, I know, I'm posting a lot!! That's because I'm nervous and jumpy and can't stand the waiting so this is a way to pass the time........

If this does all work out, hubby and I will definitely be taking a really nice vacation. We haven't discussed it because we don't want to get our hopes up, but it's out there that's for sure.

The other night while I was cruising the net I found a really good website that offers all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. The only problem with this is we live on a tropical, sandy beaches, island. Not that we can't visit another place, that would be fun.

So this site offers a variety of way to search for your trip. You can look for type of vacation; adults only, adventure, family, wedding, honeymoon, etc; that's really nice. Instead of trying to put together activities you want or, ugh, ending up at a family resort when you were looking for a quiet vacation. This is a really good idea.

Or, if you've been to the Caribbean before and you have a favorite resort you can search by these resorts. So you could find all of the Almond resorts and go to a new one you've never visited before.

This is really a great site. All you northerners who've spent all winter in the dark and cold, maybe it's time to get away somewhere warm.

Okay, I really need to get some work done now.

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