Sorry, gotta do this.

Yesterday a story ran in the New York Times that some scientists question Al Gore's accuracy and assertions in An Inconvenient Truth. I'm not going to get into it deeply I just want to point out this story. Questions are being risen if the New York Times is writing about it. When you study science, as I did, one of the first things you learn is to question everything. So open your minds and question.....

Oh, did you hear that??? That's the sound of hell freezing over due to global warming :)


Vickie said…
You know I agree with you. Today one of our new associates handed me a Sports Illustrated and said, "See, there." "What?" "Can't you see? If Sports Illustrated is writing about it." "What??" "Global warming. So it MUST be true." Now you see what I deal with every day. Every day that we have sub-normal temperatures and snow storms that go on into March. Oh yeah, the earth is definitely warming up.
Kewl Nitrox said…
Can't deny the fact that we are killing the planet. Just look at what is happening in the "thriving" cities in Asia for evidence. Our blatent disregard for nature will only come back to hurt us.

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