The things you learn if you pay attention.

So yesterday I went a little tiny bit crazy with food, Starbucks for breakfast and pizza for lunch. Yesterday afternoon all the way home all I could think of was chocolate. I had to fight with myself not to stop at a convenience store and get chocolate. After dinner last night, you guessed it, I caved and had chocolate.

So this morning I realized that I need to get my act together, I couldn't eat like that again. So I had my oatmeal for breakfast and a salad for lunch and some fruit and am feeling very proud of myself. Well guess what?? I have no desire for chocolate today. There's chocolate here and I don't even want it.

I've been doing a lot of nutritional reading and they say when you eat refined carbs (Starbucks, pizza) your body will crave more. It's true. Also, my lunch yesterday was around 800 calories. My lunch today was around 350 calories and I'm still comfortably full. So let's review. Highly refined foods are high in calories and cause you to crave more. While whole, healthy foods fill you up for a lot less calories and it lasts longer. Hmmmm, which should I eat more often???


Deb said…
Funny how food is not only our nutrition but our addiction. So much of what is availble is processed to the hilt. Think of what would be in the grocery store if we took out all the processed food. We'd all be shopping in a store the size of a 7-11!
Vickie said…
You're right of course. I found out a couple of years ago, while I was in my "fat" zone that I craved fast food like Taco Bell especially, so the more I ate the stuff, the more I wanted to eat the stuff. Once I broke off from it, I no longer had any desire for it. It is a true addiction, that's for sure.
TriShannon said…
I read recently that when we go to the grocery store we should shop around the outside edges only (where all the fruits, veggies, meats, etc. are) and avoid the aisles (where all the processed food is). I try my best, but sometimes there is a magnetic pull on my cart when I am near the ice cream aisle.
For almost a year at work, I ate sugary cereal for breakfast and would proceed to head down to the cafe in the morning unable to resist donuts. Now I eat oatmeal and I have no craving for donuts. I believe based on my experience that refined carbs cause craving for more refined carbs. And it is so much easier to resist when you aren't craving!
Oh so very true. The problem that I always have is that hunger catches me when I'm far from my kitchen and I have to settle for what's readily available. I live in an area that doesn't have many fresh or organic choices. Do you ever feel TRAPPED by heavily processed foods?
angelfish24 said…
I agree with that about carbs. If I eat like you are describing, I just want more, more. Then I want licorice, then cakes, cookies, or whatever. It's a viscious cycle and sometimes I can get into eating the clean, healthy diet and then I derail somehow. Oh well, keep on trying. I'm glad that some of the products are getting rid of the trans fats.

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