21 March 2007

Totally not related to working out or weight loss.

What is wrong with people??? Do Americans no longer have the ability or desire to think for themselves???

On the news this morning I was listening to Al Gore testify on Capitol Hill and I swear to God it made my eyes bleed. The truth be damned, Al's going to try and ride this global warming thing to the White House. What gets me is not so much Al Gore, he's a fruitcake, it's that all these seemingly intelligent people are buying into this crap. People are afraid to stand up and disagree with the global warming issue. It kind of reminds me of early Nazi Germany. People were afraid to stand up and say Hitler was a nutcase. Even if global warming were true (which you may have guessed I don't think) we would need to take drastic action and institute real change. Banning incandescent light bulbs won't do it Al. It really saddens me that people can't think for themselves, that they fall in lockstep to what people like Al Gore say. Please people, use your brains.

Then I hear that the Center for Science in the Public Interest is at it again. This time they are maligning Chinese food. Again, it saddens me that people can't think for themselves. CSPI really pissed me off when they went after movie popcorn. I don't go to the movies that often and the popcorn is a rare treat that I really enjoy. They had to stick there nose in and screw it up. Anyone who thinks that popcorn swimming in butter (no matter what oil it's popped in) is good for you really shouldn't be allowed out in public alone cause clearly they are idiots. It's the same thing with Chinese food. Here in Hawaii we probably eat more Chinese food than most places, and while I don't know the calorie count of every dish I like, I do know that if it comes out and it's shiny there's a lot of oil in it. I know that if it's fried it's high in fat and calories. It's not that hard to figure out and it's not brain surgery. Does this mean I don't eat these dishes, no!!! I eat small quantities of them and eat more of the steamed veggies stuff. It's not rocket science.

Seriously, what has become of the people in this country. They seem to have absolutely no ability to think for themselves. If the government or some watchdog company isn't telling them what to eat and think and do they are lost.

I read the newspaper everyday. Every single article I read I can find either flaws in the logic used to reach their conclusions, or the words that indicate the slant of the article. Words that would cause people not aware to really believe something the article isn't saying. It really makes me think I'm the smartest person in the world.

And the folks who end up in the news, please don't get me started. 'Journalists' (and I use that term loosely) find the most pathetic, weak, sorry examples of Americans and put them on the front pages. Or, it's the whiners and babies who get all the attention.

I hate how something happens, 3 people die because of X, and suddenly X is illegal. Could it be that those 3 people were just stupid and needed to be removed from the gene pool?? I am so incredibly sick and tired of our government, on all levels, city, state, federal. Thomas Jefferson believed that the people would have to take up arms against the government at some point, it's quite possible we have reached that point. Unfortunately, Americans are so fat and lazy, they won't want to bother (at least that's what the papers tell me).

I could go on for days and days and days, but I'll stop here. I realize I'm preaching to the choir here because most of the folks I encounter on blogs are intelligent, thoughtful, and thinkers. So keep it up and please try to influence the idiot seated next to you at the theater or Chinese restaurant.


Anna said...

(I know I posted a comment -- but blogger is not cooperating!)


Comm's said...

I don't deny a warming trend is occurring but have a problem with the 'causes' and its certainly not proved by any means that humans cause it all or can stop it. its a natural trend of the galaxy.

Even with full implementation of Kyoto and dropping CO2 emmissions 90%, its only a change of .5 degrees total.

CSPI is a bunch of whack jobs.

Ross said...

I can't believe anybody actually takes Algore serious after he said he invented the internet. I saw where he uses over 10 times the national average of electricity in his Tennessee mansion. Plus all that jetting around in a private jet. Maybe his jet is solar powered. I'd have a little respect for him if he rode his bicycle to all his public appearances. What a jerk.

Fe-lady said...

I started a political/personal rant on my blog Monday and felt better writing it, but it caused some hard feelings I think so I deleted the whole thing...now I feel better. Sometimes I think it's healthier to not even watch the news or read the paper, as media is so one-sided anymore and doesn't report the facts but only opinions.
Thank goodness for running and triathlons!

angelfish24 said...

I read this blog entry and laughed a little. I mean, I'm not laughing at you, just that you get so heated up about things. I always find it interesting what you have to say!
Yeah, I agree. So buttered popcorn is bad, chinese is bad so is most of the restaurant food. But, it probably won't kill us if it's in moderation. We want to enjoy the good food out there once in a while even the unhealthy choices.

Vickie said...

The sad thing about what you say is that it is true. I was thinking of a lot of these things the other day and what a mess things are in. Sometimes I want to be just like all the other uninformed, yet all knowing, majority out there with not a clue as to what is really going on in the world. Then I won't care so much. Last night my grandson asked me if I was allergic to anything. I said yes, to stupid people (thinking of Gore and his followers). Later that evening, he whispered a little fearful, "Grandma, are you REALLY allergic to stupid people?" I had to laugh, but I added, that if it were true, I would have to go to outerspace or to the bottom of the ocean to get away from the growing numbers of stupid people.

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