22 March 2007

Trying something new.

I got a lot of comments on my global warming piece and it got me to thinking. I really hate posting stuff like that here because this is really about health and fitness. My health and my fitness, but health and fitness just the same. So I've decided to give something a try. I've started a new blog, The Dark Meanderings of the Mind, and I'm going to try and keep the political stuff over there. I will reserve this blog for my journey to Honu 70.3, no, I haven't forgotten about that. I've gotten a little sidetracked but that is my ultimate goal. Not this year, maybe next. If not 2009. Oh, wait, I just realized I'll be 50 in 2009. Oh, yeah, I'm doing Honu 70.3 that year. Oh my god, what a great way to celebrate 50. Okay, see, this blog needs to focus on fitness. So, check out my new blog, leave your comments, tell me what you think.

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