14 April 2007

Another week down.

I can't believe it's Saturday already. These weeks seem to be flying by faster and faster. Well, tomorrow is the big day. I turn 48. It's really taken me by surprise how much this birthday is affecting me. It's really caused me to step back and examine my life. To really think about what I want, where I want to go, and what I want to do. And I've made some serious decisions.

I want to work at home. I do not want to go out to work everyday. I have done that for the last 30 years and I'm done with that. I will be working on a way to make serious money at home. I'm not sure what I will do, but I have some very good ideas on what I won't do. I won't do any type of MLM - that's just a giant pyramid scheme, I most likely won't do anything related to sales, just not my style. I am seriously considering medical transcriptions, they can make pretty decent money if they are good. Or possibly getting into real estate. I was an appraiser for 10 years but that got old. I'm thinking now of getting into selling it. There is good money to be made if you get in with the right company and are good at it. Since selling a house is not like selling a car (few people buy houses on the spur of the moment) I think I could be good at this.
Both of these things I can train for and work at while I keep my regular job so I can get established. I don't know. I have to talk it over with hubby and see what he thinks. But that's something I'm going to start working towards.

I'm going to do Honu 70.3 in my 50th year, that's 2009. My plan is running this year and getting my new bike before the year is over. Going back to serious swimming in October. Doing sprint and olys next year, 2008, and Honu in 2009. I made a decision earlier this year to stay away from tris this year (there was too much other stuff going on) and I was very comfortable and happy with that decision. In fact, the other day I was thinking that maybe I wouldn't go back to them. I'm really enjoying the running and that is where my heart lies. Then, in my dream last night (where I was yelling at Al Sharpton?!?!?!), I said to hubby that I missed triathlon. After I woke and thought about it, I realized it's true, I do miss it. So next year it's back to it. That's a decision I'm happy with.

Finally, my weight. Do you realize I have been battling my weight the vast majority of my life?!?! I started "dieting" when I was 18 and have been doing it in some way, shape, or form, ever since. I started doing aerobics when I was 19 and have been working out in some way ever since. Well, I've had it and I'm tired of thinking about my weight. So I've come to a decision about my weight. I am going to work very, very hard for the next 8 months to lose this weight. I will exercise, eat right, I will weight train and interval train, I will not let sugar cross my lips, I will do everything I'm supposed to. But, come Dec. 31st that's it, I'm pau (done). From Jan 1, 2008 on I will eat right and exercise, but I will not obsess or focus on my weight. If I have not lost the weight I wanted to I will just have to come to terms with that. But seriously, I'm tired of the whole weight thing and it's time to move on. I just have to give it one more good solid effort before I throw in the towel. In the spirit of "The Secret" I'm envisioning success, so wish me luck.

So that's kind of it. Those are the things that have been rolling around in my brain these last few weeks. That's a lot of the reason why my posts of been kind of light and fluffy, there were deep things going on they just hadn't fully formed yet.

Since hubby works tomorrow and we really prefer to go out to lunch instead of dinner (yeah, we're old fuddy-duddies) we are going out to celebrate my birthday today. We're going to the Yard House. They are brand new in Waikiki and they have the largest selection of draft beer in the world. How fun!!!! So we're going there for lunch and probably a little stroll around Waikiki and that will be my birthday.

I hope everyone has a good Saturday.


TriShannon said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love the yard house... great food and beer selection!

Sounds like your thoughts are really gaining strength and turning into plans. I wish you all the best in the hunt for the perfect stay at home job, running, tris, weight loss, etc. You will be successful at all!!

Unknown said...

Happy almost Birthday!!

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