18 April 2007

Enough already!!

I surrender!! I'm waving the white flag!! You win!! I am weak against you and have no chance of winning!!! I bow to your superior staying power!!!!

What am I surrendering to? The news media and their coverage of Virginia Tech. That's all that's on the news. They are talking to the same people over and over again. The news people are talking to each other. Give me a break. They are bringing up topics that have no bearing on the issue. Gun Control. Not the subject here. Who knew what when? Not the subject here. If the people that run the schools were such politically correct idiots, they might have done something about this guy when the concerns about him were raised. Who's fault is this?? THE GUNMAN'S!!! No one else is at fault at all. It's all his fault. All of it!!!

I do believe that our culture of technology is not always a good thing. We get news so instantly that tragedy become even bigger than they are. If this was before the Internet, we would have heard about this event in the evening or the next morning. If would have been afforded the proper shock and unbelief it deserves. The way it was shoved down our throats minutes after it happened, and the way it's continually being shoved down our throat, there is no shock or unbelief. That campus has more cameras on it now then it ever did. We've seen the entire campus from every angle and frankly, I'm bored. Could we please move on? This is what our technological society causes. We have the ability to be there in an instant. To beam images live to every corner of the world. To beat a dead horse, on live TV, until it's unrecognizable. Enough!! You win!! I surrender!!!

Think about it. You are what you eat, read, watch, consume. We, as a country, consume garbage (news) on a daily basis. The powers that be dwell on the tragedy, the downtrodden, the hopeless, and that's what we become. If they would cover the good side, and in this tragedy I'm not sure what that is because no one is covering it, we could find hope and healing even in something as horrible as this. It's sad. We now honor the lowest of our society and revile the best.

Okay, I'm going to stop here. We need to stop watching this crap people and maybe they'll stop putting it on. I know, I'm probably the only one who thinks this way. I'm a freak, so what?!?!?


Vickie said...

Shhh. You're not supposed to think that stuff, let alone say it! (LOL!) I feel the same way about beating a dead horse. One, maybe two days. Enough. Move on. There are just so many angles to cover this thing. It is what it is, and no new facts will change what happened. First the Imus thing, now this.

IronWaddler said...

I think it's time to quit giving the news time to the killer and giving him what he wanted. NBC is shoowing way too much.

Vickie said...

The other point on this I can't help but notice is that under normal circumstances, normal being a death under any other circumstances, no one would notice, and most likely no one would really care. Under these circumstances, of course the whole world is shocked, but after a couple of days of being constantly baraged by reporters, I would think the students and faculty at VT would be tired of nosy news people hanging around sensationalizing the whole thing. They need time in private to grieve and try to deal with the situation, and the longer they are on display, the harder it will be to get on with life. I understand the need to talk things through, rant and rail against the senseless of the whole thing, but to be on display hour after hour, day after day, I just don't know what the point is there. This morning there were interviews by some of the grieving friends of a couple of the victims. I can't imagine wanting to go on TV with my emotions, so I have to wonder how genuine they really are, or are they looking for some attention themselves in all this? Anyway, by next week, something else will take over and we will only be hearing bits and pieces again, I hope.

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