30 April 2007

I have yet another confession to make.

I've really been trying to eliminate sugar from my diet. It's almost impossible unless I don't eat anything but meat and veggies/fruits. Even milk has sugar in it - lactose! I have tried to eliminate all processed food but I still eat cheese, lunch meat, both technically processed. Lunch meat has sugar. I've tried all kinds and it seems they all have a little bit of sugar. So I've put my limit at 2 grams. If a serving has more then 2 grams of sugar I don't eat it. Unless of course it's like canned fruit with no added sugar, that will still have a high amount of sugar due to the fructose in the fruit. Okay, no more than 2 grams of added sugar.

But I still use sweetener. Now, I've read articles that sweetener will effect your blood sugar just like sugar, worse than sugar, not at all. So I don't know. What I do know is I put 3 packets in my morning coffee and 1 packet on my cereal.

Yesterday I ran out - oh horrors!!! I only had 2 packets left. I had the coffee with 2 and none on the cereal and I didn't die. What I learned form this is that I don't really need that sweetener and I think it's time to wean myself off of it. I had my cereal again this morning with no sweetener (just for the record, I eat Shredded Wheat so there is 0 added sugar) and again, I didn't die. Amazing!!!!

Getting rid of it completely in the coffee is going to be hard. But starting tomorrow I'm slowly going to reduce the amount I use until I'm down to 1 packet. At that point I will decide to continue and eliminate it completely or just stop at 1. We'll see.

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