I'm avoiding my taxes.....

They're almost done but you have no idea how I hate doing them. The whole concept just ticks me off!!! Why do I have to pay the government - at all??? I'm pretty sure that the federal government is supposed to help the states get along and provide for the common defense. That's all!! Why is the federal government involved in all this other cr*p???

Okay, I'm off that.

One of my favorite things in life is pens. I love pens. I have favorites that I become very attached to. So on my list of top ten favorites is personalized pens. But they have to be good quality, not that cheesy stuff. I'm trying to talk my work into ordering these. They are good advertising and, have I mentioned, I love pens................

Okay, Okay, I'm going to finish my taxes so I can join the crowds and put them in the mail tomorrow :)


Vickie said…
Pens? A woman I work with, her husband makes handmade pens, of all things. I'll have to try to pass on the pictures to you.

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