25 April 2007

Rosie has left the View.

Yeah!!! Of course, ABC is saying they wanted a 3 year contract and Rosie wanted 1 year. That doesn't sound like reasons to leave to me. They could not have given her 1 year and renegotiated next year??? I think they were looking for an excuse to let her go and this was the only one they could come up with.

I really used to like Rosie. When she had her own show, I used to watch sometimes. I thought she was funny and really nice. Well, she was the Queen of Nice. When she was hired on the View I thought, this will be interesting. But lately she really has gone too far. Her feud with Donald Trump was actually quite amusing. I thought Donald went way overboard with his reaction to what she said. But her statements that Bush knew beforehand about 9/11 and that they imploded #7. That pushed her over into the crazy category. How can you take anyone seriously who truly believes that stuff. I have problems with conspiracy theories in general, but ones that involve the president and the government really crack me up.

So what will Rosie do now?? Maybe she'll open her own club in Branson and fade into obscurity. We can hope!!!

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Vickie said...

Yipee! Is it appropriate to sing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead? The biggest problem with Rosie was she was an authority on everything yet knew nothing.

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