02 April 2007

So I've become this organic mother

to my dogs. My yellow lab, Rocco, won't eat most store bought biscuits. There was one kind he liked but they stopped selling them. You have no idea how pathetic it is to give Nala a biscuit and have Rocco sit there looking so pathetic. So I started making their biscuits. Luckily they are really easy. I can mix the dough and roll it out before dinner, bake it, and then it sits in the oven overnight to harden. Piece of cake.

So I'm making the dogs biscuits tonight and I'm thinking about my giving myself a break the next 2 weeks with all that's going on. And it dawned on me, I've been so focused and committed to this weight loss effort that I can't let it slide for 2 weeks.

So I'm going to start right back up tomorrow. I'm going to get up and do my weights, then run at lunch like I want to get in the habit of. So there you go. My break didn't even last 24 hours :)


Dances with Corgis said...

So is organic dogfood as inflated price-wise as organic people food? I just spent $6.50 on a package of frozen organic strawberries!

Good job deciding to stay committed to the weightloss for the next two weeks.

Vickie said...

Probably best to be safe rather than sorry right now with all the pet food scares out there!

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