Sponsored: Thinking of moving??

Okay, yes!!! I'm on lunch and I don't feel like going back to work so I'm blogging, get over it!!!! ;)

Hubby and I have tossed around the whole moving thing. We have lived here in Hawaii for 20 years and while I love it, I may be getting a little bored. I say that I have ADD and after 2 years I start getting antsy. The thought of moving somewhere we've never lived before and starting all over sounds very exciting to me. It's that whole responsibility thing, or my desire not to be responsible Just pack up and run away - yeah, what fun!!!

Anyway, we've kind of talked about it some. Hubby lived in Colorado for a few years and really liked it there. I'm from the east coast and wouldn't mind moving back there. Maybe we could check into Boston Condos and use that as our home base for our mainland living. I do love the northeast, all the history. The weather, eh, not so much. Oh, I know, maybe we'll become snowbirds and go to Florida every winter. HaHaHaHa......

Probably not, ahhh, who knows. This is what you get when I'm bored at work :)


WADDLER26.2 said…
We live in New England for awhile and I loved it. The wintters though would be quite a change for you.
Vickie said…
Wherever you go, don't even consider coming to Michigan! If you think California politics and the economy are bad, you may meet its match here! (I'm looking for somewhere to run away to!)

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