27 April 2007

What a great week!!

In spite of a little bit of a rocky start this really has turned out to be a great week. I've gotten my workouts in , I've eaten pretty good (though not great), but mostly I'm feeling awesome. Woo Hoo I love it!!!

I apologize for the flood of posts this week. I try to space the paid posts out more but this week was so crazy they ended up getting kind of jumbled together. It will get better I promise. I'm going to devote a little more time to my other blogs to get them up and approved so that I can do the paid posting over there. Then this one will go back to being just about me (face it, it really is all about me:) So I may be asking favors for visits to my other blogs and links to them so that I can get them approved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So that's the news from here. This weekend is looking not to be as crazy as last weekend so hopefully I'll get a little R&R in .

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