You oughta be in pictures......

I am a picture taking freak. When digital cameras came out I was right there because I love to take pictures. When I purchased this computer I made sure it had a large hard drive for storage, a good graphic/video type card, and an 8, or 9 or whatever, card reader. I really wanted the card reader because at the time I had 2 cameras and each took a different card (it's a long story-don't ask). So yeah I love pictures!!!

What I don't like it printing those pictures out. It costs a small fortune in photo paper and ink. So I take thousands of pictures then have to sort through them and only print some of them. Until now that is. Now you can get a digital photo frame. This is absolutely a great idea. You just stick your memory card into the frame and your pictures play like a slide show. Awesome!!!!

This could very well solve all my photo problems. Of course, how many digital frames can one person own????


angelfish24 said…
I love the taking pics with the digital camera too! Now I want to use one underwater somehow soon. But, everything costs dough....
Have a good weekend.

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