22 May 2007

Another day.....

so I've started something new. I was cruising around the internet over the weekend and came across a mystery shopper site. Now, this is not one of those pay $49.95 and we'll hook you up. Or fill out this survey that's 12 pages long and you need to complete 3 offers and we'll hook you up. No. This was a legitimate mystery shopping company. It cost nothing to register and they sent me an assignment. Last night on the way home from work I did my first mystery shop. It was kind of exciting.

In my work for Nutro I know about mystery shoppers. Nutro says that we get mystery shopped about once a month. I also have a routine, since I know the mystery shopper will be inquisitive, I make sure I do my thing if anyone shows interest.

So I did this shop last night and the employee didn't do so good. I really felt bad and actually presented the situation 2 different ways to try and illicit the proper response. I couldn't get it. I did feel bad. I know everyone has an off day or you're busy and it's hard to devote the necessary time to customer but like I said, if someone shows great interest and presents a specific situation twice, that should be a red flag. It was fun.

The weather here sucks. We've lost our tradewinds and the humidity is up around 95% - ugh!!! Working out this morning was brutal. I was pouring sweat and panting like a dog. I know I couldn't push it as hard as I want to because of the stifling humidity. But the workout did kick my butt!!!!

So Heros ended last night - wow, the causality list was pretty high on that show!! The Bachelor ended too. I knew he was going to pick Tessa, she seems more suited to him. I wrote a nice post on TV over at Flo's Place, check it out.

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Happy New Year

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