20 May 2007

Sunday morning, go for a drive......

Hey, hey, hey, it's a beautiful day!!!!

Okay, I can't remember the words to that song, now it will bug me all day :(

Today Hubby and I have the entire day off together!! I do not remember the last time that happened. Mostly it's he has to work in the morning and we meet for lunch, or I have to work and we hook up for a beer. This is sweet. There's lots to do. We are going to hit Sam's Club and K-Mart, Old Navy, and Sports Authority. Finally, the mattress store.

For a couple of months now I've been have trouble with my back and shoulder. The back just hurts. The shoulder however, is bad. If I lay on it my hand goes numb. If I lay on the other shoulder my hand goes numb (huh??). Also, my one hip has been giving me lots of problems, it almost constantly aches. I've decided I've either got serious arthritis throughout my body and should be condemned :) Or our mattress is shot.

Now I know nothing about mattresses except I like to lie on them :) But after thinking about it, I realized this mattress is about 6 years old. I'm guessing that's the extent of it's life span. As I said, I know nothing about mattresses and do not know how long they are supposed to last. Once I buy one I literally forget about it until it stops doing it's job. Well, this one has stopped doing it's job.

I'm really thinking about getting one of those Sleep Number beds. The thought of being able to adjust your bed based on how your body feels that day is super appealing to me. Also, having different adjustments for me and Hubby is very appealing since there is little we can agree on with a mattress. If anyone has one let me know how it is. We are going to look today but won't be buying one for a couple of weeks yet.

Alright, that's it. I've got to get moving so I can get my chores done and go out and play.


IronWaddler said...

Enjoy the day!!!

Duane said...

Aloha! Hope the bed thing works out! We went to a new restaurant last night run my a guy from Kelihi (sorry if I'm not spelling it right) We had terry steak and taro cakes, umm! The owner mentioned Liliha and I said "
Bakery!" and he said "Coco Puffs!" and I said "Yes!" The specials boards were in local talk so Diane was happy, you don't see this on a specials boards much - "broke da mouth". LOL

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