23 May 2007


Do you pay attention to mailboxes?? I do. Around here a lot of people make things out of their mailbox. They will cut wood and make it look like a dog or a cat of a whale or.....whatever they can think of. It's pretty amazing.

Mailboxes add character to house. A really cool one can definitely make the house. It adds to the curb appeal (which is super important in real estate).

The mailbox for this house sucks big time. It is a rusted box stuck on top of a metal post with a concrete base. Yuck. But, the most important part, it is situated in such a way so that no one can park in front of our house. With a drug dealer next door, that's a good thing :)

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Dances with Corgis said...

My sister recently moved into an upscale development and one of her neighbors claimed their mailbox was not nice enough! The funniest part was that they sent it via annonymous letter.

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