09 May 2007


is big here in Hawaii. We have lots of military and I guess it really appeals to them (ya think??). We have a bunch of friends who are really into it, I mean really into it. One of our friends ran a paintball game every weekend. He has all kinds of guns and gear, I don't know what most of it is. But I do know he loves Ultimate Paintball. Of all the paintball stores, he likes them the best. They sell all the necessary paintball gear for really good prices and free shipping. He's also a computer freak so does a lot of his ordering for all kinds of things online.

Paintball is really huge here. There is a place they play near where I used to live. They get packed on the weekends. There is also a huge field near the airport in Honolulu where they have monster tournaments. Apparently there are a couple of playing field on the military bases too.

I've never played paintball but I've always wanted to. When I was in school I tried to convince the professors to play the students, but they wouldn't. One professor had played once and whined that the paintballs hurt when they hit. Oh please!!! Anyway, I've never been able to find people who would play with me. So I've never gotten to play. Maybe someday.

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