11 May 2007

That was close....

I almost succumbed to the pillow again this morning. Friday mornings hubby sleeps in so I'm the first one up. The alarm went off and I hit the snooze -- bad idea!! I was laying there mostly asleep thinking that I need to get up. The alarm went off again and I guess my subconscious won because I reached up and turned the alarm off. Once it's off I know I have to get up or I'll sleep all morning. So I got up and got my workout in. Yeah!!!!

My new blog is currently down. I'm changing things up over there so it will be down for a few days. After that I'll be pushing it - a lot!! I'm using WordPress and having major headaches. If anyone is good with WordPress could you let me know, I have some stupid questions.

Xena is back to her old, loving self. Apparently just being in the carrier (nest) and going through the motions of nest building set off her hormones. Thank god I figured it out Last night she was all lovey and cuddly, it was nice to have the old Xena back. Moluccans are known as the golden retrievers of the cockatoos.

That's all for now. I have to get to work since I'm leaving early today, it is Friday :)

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Fe-lady said...

What IS it about Fridays and snooze buttons? I did the same this A.M. but still ran about a half hour...just enough to make the morning go by a little smoother at work...!

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