21 June 2007


This is another of the pay to blog companies. When they started a while back there was a little controversy surrounding them, but it seems things have settled down and I've decided to give them a go. People seem to be pretty happy with them now, and that's good.

So Bloggerwave works like the other pay to blog companies, register, look for opportunities, post, get paid. Pretty simple. When I first started this paid blogging I didn't quite understand it. Now that I've gotten into it and page rank and backlinks and all that good stuff, I get it. By bloggers posting links to sites that helps the websites ranking which helps it overall. Also, buying links is relatively inexpensive and word gets spread to millions and millions of people that would not normally see these sites. So it's a good deal for all.

There's a lot of controversy about paid blogging. I can see both sides. It's my blog and if I want to take money to write posts that's up to me. On the other hand, blogs are generally written for a particular market (niche content) and adding random paid posts is like reading ads - ugh!!

But, from my perspective, I have earned enough money to; pay for Nala's acupuncture treatment; buy myself a new digital camera; pay for my gas (at $40 a fill up this helps a lot); treat my husband to dinner a number of times; have extra spending money for random things. Right now I'm saving up to buy a pair of Newton running shoes. They cost $175 shipped here to Hawaii. That's a lot for a pair of running shoes but blogging is paying for it.

Anyway, there's a new kid in town and they seemed to have worked the kinks out so go check them out,Bloggerwave

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