Dang, I'm hot.....

It's really warm here tonight. I've also been in front of the stove for the past hour too. I make my dogs biscuits and I didn't over the weekend because I kept forgetting one ingredient. I finally got the needed item and, since they were out of biscuits, made them tonight. It's not hard but it is hot since I have a tiny kitchen and a big oven. The things I do for my animals.....

My murdering, drug dealing neighbor appears to have moved. Rumor has it he has gone to the Big Island. I don't know it that's true. I do know that I haven't seen the slime in a week, so I'm hopeful.

They started working on that house, apparently drug dealers don't take care of houses - who knew? So they are trying to run something and it blew out. They said they needed to find a place that does power supply repair. Okay, and I care why??? This guy is a real chatty Kathy. He claims he's the new owner, we'll see.

Life in Hawaii, never dull.


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