The Fire Inside.....

It can not be denied........... The fire inside......... Burning you up........ Burning you up.......
That's how I'm feeling about swimming lately. I'm ready to get back to it. And I'm going to, starting Sunday.. Sunday I will get up early, go for a long run, and then go for an ocean swim. I'm excited about that. Can't wait.

What got me fired up was reading Fe-Lady and 21st's posts about SharkFest. I want to do that. I want to do that bad!!! I lived in the Bay Area for 20 something years and the thought of swimming SF Bay is just very exciting. Also, I have a real fear of swimming. I'm not sure why because I love the water, the ocean, all of it. Heck, I'm a marine biologist for christ sake. But when I get into water, any water, to 'swim' I have a basic fear and freak a little each time. Not sure why. Is it the act of swimming and not just playing around? Is the breathlessness that initially develops till you get you rhythm when swimming? I don't know, but every time I get in the water, I start swimming and after about 3 minutes I start to panic. In a pool it's easy to talk myself down. In the ocean it's not too hard either. During a race it's damn near impossible. But I think if I trained and worked mentally I could do SharkFest. I also think that would be a way to get over my fear. If I could swim SF Bay, I can swim anywhere!! Anyway, it's in my head.

Meanwhile my strength training is going amazingly well. I can feel muscles all over my body - cool!!! I've been doing it very consistently for 14 weeks now. I think I'm ready to add on. So this weekend I add in biking and running and swimming. Once I get through these last 2 weeks of the program, my workout days will go down to 3 a week. I may join the Y again and start swimming 2 mornings a week then 1 weekend ocean swim. Maybe, I'll think about it.


TriFeist said…
Somehow swimming and burning desire never co-exist inside my brain. But your desire to finish Sharkfest is fantastic! Go for it!
angelfish24 said…
sharkfest sounds cool! Go for it! Man, that is cold water in the pacific, I only go in it to scuba once in a blue moon.
I don't worry about sharks over here but maybe there in hawaii not diving but in a black wetsuit, I always worry a little.
SkiRough said…
Their post *was* awesome. Have a great workout on Sunday!

How long is your long run?

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