25 June 2007


Well, it's been a weekend. I was bird sitting my bosses bird so it was double Moluccan weekend. Let me tell you something, 2 birds is not twice as much work, it's about 4 times as much. It seems like I spent all weekend making food, cleaning cages and playing with birds. Her mom is coming home today though - yeah!!!

Yesterday I was supposed to go for my run but I really felt like hiking. I haven't been hiking in about 4 months and the weather has been so beautiful. So yesterday morning I went of a hike. There's a very nice trail literally around the corner from my house. It also hooks up to a couple of other trails so you can go really far. Since I haven't been hiking in a while I decided to take the "easier" trail. It's about 2.75 miles and not too hilly. It was beautiful. I saw lots of birds, I even saw what looked like an Amazon parrot. It could have been one that got loose. So 5.5 miles took me about 1:49 and totally kicked my butt. I was really tired the rest of the day. I clearly have no endurance. Something to work on.

This morning getting Tatu ready to come to work and wait for her mom was a real chore. I was late getting here and there was a customer waiting. Yucky for a Monday.

That's really all I have to say. I'm a little tired and am looking forward to the routine at home being back to normal tonight.

Skirough suggested I get hubby golf balls for his birthday. That's not a bad idea considering he's a big golfer. Still working on his gift.

Okay, I'm off. Be checking in later.

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