16 June 2007

My Bike Ride

Today was one of those great days in Hawaii. It was a little overcast. Not too hot. Not too cool. Just perfect. A day that makes you want to be out in it. So I went. On a bike ride. I'm not really training for anything so just headed out for a ride to get out and get some exercise. I rode up the coast and stopped at a beach to drink some water and enjoy the day. Here is what is was like:

This is looking back towards where I live. That pier you see with the building in the middle is HURL: Hawaii Underwater Research Lab. It's the University's subs. They drop out of that big building into the water and take off. It's pretty cool. As you can see it's a little cloudy but still gorgeous.

This is looking straight out to the ocean from where I was sitting. That is Rabbit Island you see there. Now I don't know exactly why it's called Rabbit Island but I've heard a couple of explanations. First, that is used to be covered with rabbits. No. Second, that it looks like a lop eared rabbit laying down. Ehh, maybe. Who knows how these things come about? I do know that some sea birds nest there and a couple of Hawaiian monk seals call it home.

This is the road I took to get where I am. It follows the coast so I'm right next to the ocean the whole way.

This is the windsock that shows how bad the wind was on the coast. What you can not see is how the sock is spinning and whipping through the air. Yeah, the wind was no fun.

So there you have it. My bike ride in pictures. Oh yeah, check out my entry over at Flo's Place. Gives a whole new meaning to shop till you drop:)


angelfish24 said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures!! It looks lovely there. That is cool that they have subs there. I want to come to the beach and hawaii now, darnit!!! Everytime I'm at the Seattle airport and see the Hawaiian airlines ticket booth, I want to say, give me a ticket!!

Duane said...

Oh I envy you so!

Vickie said...

Looks beautiful. And you got one-third of your workouts in at least! For me, the hardest part.

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