18 June 2007

Sorry, part 2

I've been thinking about this post, Sorry, and the thing that happened that caused me to write. Now I still can't say exactly what's going on, but that really doesn't matter. I realized I've accomplished something really great here and I wouldn't have done it had it not been for the sport of running and triathlon.

Let me explain. Almost exactly one year ago a situation arose that I had little experience with but had to deal with. I had to figure out what to do, make a plan, and execute that plan. After some careful consideration I decided to tackle it just like I tackled my first triathlon. I did extensive research on the Internet. I read lots of "programs" looking for the basics. I figured out what were the basic requirements, worked out a personalized plan, and went for it. It worked.

Now, while still not an expert, I have a good handle on the things that need to be done in order for me to succeed. It's the same way with running, triathlon, and fat loss. I know the basics, I can do what needs to be done. I don't always do that but I always know what I should be doing.

This is exciting. It really makes me realize I can tackle anything. I can do anything. I have the skills, the power and the determination to do whatever is necessary. They say in law school they don't teach you the law, they teach you where to go to find what you need to know. Well that's how I feel. I now have the knowledge to go out, find the info that I'm looking for, analyze it, and formulate a game plan for me. I'm very excited about this!!

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Vickie said...

Well hurry up and tell us!

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