03 June 2007

Yeah, I'm not eating it but I can dream.

Vintage Candy!!!!! This totally rocks. Candy cigarettes!!! Pop Rocks!!! Sixlets!!! Giant Pink Gumballs!!! This totally brings back my childhood.

I grew up in Jersey City. Now this is not exactly a suburb. It was a pretty industrial area. We lived in an apartment building on a corner. At the other corner of this block was a candy store. Between my house and the candy store was our school. We went to that candy store all the time. Afterschool. On weekends. All. The. Time. It was one of those old fashioned place. The candy wasn't packaged, it was individual pieces in jars. You would go through and pick pieces of what you wanted. Most of it was only like 1 penny a piece. I loved that place.

Most of those candies are gone now. You can't find them in the stores. Heck, do they even have candy stores anymore??? Well, for a blast from the past check out ecandy.com and relive your childhood :)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

candy cigarettes. now the concept is just plain wrong, but oh how I used to love those. mmmmm

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