20 July 2007

Aches and Pains

I don't know if it's getting older or if it's being more active, but I always seem to have some sort of ache or pain. In general I just tough it out work through it (there's my Army training coming through:), I figure if it was serious I'd be in real pain.

Then, on Monday, I received this sample in the mail:
That would be Mr. Chubs on my shoulder. He needed to check it out and make sure it was okay.

So Freeze It is a pain relief gel, similar to like Icy Hot or even BenGay. Since I had a couple of aches and pains hanging around I thought I'd give it a try.

My left calf has been bothering me. Not really hurting but aching. So I busted this little package open and put some on my calf. If felt good, warm and cool, it didn't smell too bad, they all smell, let's see how it works. I could feel it penetrating and after about 5 minutes my calf felt pretty good. I was sitting at my computer and I didn't notice the smell too bad. They say the scent vanishes and it seems they were right.
Okay, time for the real test. The right side of my neck had been bothering me for a couple of days and I decided this would be a good test for this gel. I put it on and again felt it, warm and cool. I could feel it working it's way in and I could almost feel the muscles relaxing. It was nice.

Both my calf and my neck have not bothered me since I used Freeze It and that is really nice. I like the way it feels when you apply it. I think it will become part of my medicine cabinet because it really does work well.

The problem I have was the smell. When I applied it to my neck it was very close to my nose and after a few minutes it was a bit overpowering. After about 20 minutes I could hardly stand the smell anymore. I don't know if I put to much on or what. I don't know why the smell didn't vanish when it seemed to on my calf.

So that's it. If you're looking for something for all your little aches and pains, consider Freeze It.


Vickie said...

That's a good picture of you.

Fe-lady said...

Thanks for the info-mmercial! :-)
I am an Advil freak-which isn't really good for my liver, but I think my metabolism can handle it!
I will probably need this after my mountain bike ride tomorrow!

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