11 July 2007

A decision has been made.

I've been doing Afterburn and Turbulence Training for most of this year. I've been working hard on getting my eating in order. The body has been changing. I have muscles popping. My bodyfat % has gone down. Things are improving. But not enough, or should I say fast enough, for me. I know the weak link is my nutrition. I'm vigilant about my workouts but I let the nutrition slip - frequently.

I've done a lot of research on nutrition. I can't go back to Weight Watchers, it won't work for me. They are a great program and they got me this far but they are not for people who want to do what I want to do. I've spoken to 2 dietitians. They were really no help at all. They tend to follow the pyramid type eating and they tell me to lose weight cut calories and increase my activity level. Okay, I know that doesn't work.

I've even spoken to personal trainer types. They tend to push supplements and bars and such (at least the ones I spoke to did) and I don't want to eat that stuff. I'd rather eat whole foods in the natural state (or close to it). I knew I needed help with my nutrition but was out of ideas on where to turn.

Then I started reading about Precision Nutrition. While I couldn't read the whole program without buying it, I liked the bits I saw of it. It seemed to follow exactly what I want to do yet helped you dial in nutrition just for your body and activity level. I also read a number of blogs where the people rave about it.

So 2 weeks ago I broke down and bought it. I haven't received it yet but I should get it tomorrow. It turns out they are starting the Precision Nutrition Challenge on Monday July 16th. It's a 4 month challenge and there are some great prizes. Groceries for a year. 3 months of meals. Free digital cameras. Very cool.

After reading and rereading about the challenge and tossing it around in my head, I've decided to enter the challenge. I should receive my kit tomorrow, that will give me a few days to read it over and stock up on everything. Monday morning I start in and don't stop until November 16th. Four months of kick ass workouts and nutrition. Four months of no excuses. Four months of reshaping this old body. I will enter the holiday season in amazing shape, which will put me in a great position to get ready for a fantastic tri season next year.

I'm very excited about this. It will not be easy but I could win groceries for a year. WooHoo!!! So there you have it. I've now publicly declared my intentions and you follow my journey right here.


Duane said...

Popping muscles! Very sexy! I am going to have to check out this precision thing, it's amazing how dietitians are so into the food pyramid! I think it stinks, does not work for me at all. I don't know what to do about the nutrition, I work out 10-11 times a week and Thursday I was 400, finished an intense tri on Sunday, today I weigh 412! Argh! Double argh!

Anonymous said...

The most frustrating thing about the pyramid -- and about most diets or exercise routines -- is that they seem to believe all bodies work the same way. Which is obviously a fallacy since people have varied metabolisms and bulk/lean out differently.

angelfish24 said...

Cool about the muscles you are getting! I've noticed my upper arm/shoulder getting mor definition and it's cool.
My eating isn't stellar eithe but my exercising in...I know what to eat but sometimes I don't want to follow the healthy eating plan. This week has been good.
Good luck you on your 4 month challenge!

Irene said...

I found you over at Waddler26.2! I just thought I'd leave a comment instead of lurk! I know a few people who have done Afterburn, and I'm looking into changing up my workouts. I went through Alwyn Cosgroves Shapeshift, but it was basically circuit training. I look forward to reading about how things go for you on Precision Nutrition.

Brigitte said...

Your entries are always so interesting. I have been lurking too for a while. So today I leave a comment. I can't wait to see what the program does for you. I wish you success.

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