26 July 2007

Once again I've changed my mind......

Geez, I do that a lot!!! But this time it's for real and it's permanent.

Okay, here goes. I've been doing strength and interval training since the beginning of this year. Just last week I started the Precision Nutrition Challenge. I really want to lose this last little bit of fat. I'm currently 24% body fat and would like to get down around 18-20. Not a lot of weight but it's all fat - it's hard. So things are working. Since I started the Precision Nutrition I've gotten my energy back - big time. In the afternoons I'm running around here like a fool. I also am feeling leaner. The muscles in my legs are popping and in my shoulders I've gotten those muscle dimples - I love those :) So things are going well.

I'm registered for the Honolulu Marathon in December and I've been dying to do a triathlon. What happens is that every week I don't get my runs in I beat myself up and feel bad. That's not good. Then this morning as I was doing a bodyweight circuit it dawned on me, I love doing this stuff. It pushes me physically. By the time I'm done muscles are quivering, I'm gasping for air, and I feel like Wonder Woman. I really look forward to these workouts. The mornings when I'm supposed to run I have trouble getting out of bed.

So I have decided to completely blow off the marathon and any thoughts of tris this year. I'm am going into fat loss with all my heart and soul. Once I reach my goal (in November :) I will then start adding running, biking and swimming in again. I will not pressure myself to do anything else but my fat loss workouts. So there it is. I've been heading towards this decision all year I just really want to run and tri. But, they will be there next year and I will be thinner and faster and have a better bike :)

Final answer!!

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