09 July 2007

This is something I didn't know.

You can actually buy travel insurance. Now I remember the travel insurance you would buy at the airport when boarding a plane. We always used to laugh and say you were betting on whether or not the plane would crash. Okay, it was funny in the 70's.

Anyway, I knew you could purchase travel insurance when you purchase a trip. What I didn't know is that there are actually companies out there that sell this stuff without selling you a trip. You can also get insurance if you have special circumstances, pre-existing medical condition, are taking an adventure trip doing hazardous things, just about any situation they cover.

They also issue age concern travel insurance for those over 65. Even if you're over 65, retired and travel a lot, they can get you long term coverage so you covered when you travel.

So there you go. You learn something new everyday and I guess this was mine :)

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