19 August 2007

Hey kids

it's Sunday again. I've been doing some mental gymnastics and I think I've figured some things out. Amazing I tell you.

I set this year up as a weight loss year. I haven't been doing so great at that. I have been working out and I have been eating mostly right but I haven't really lost any weight. I think it's because I said I would get back to tris next year. I think that's playing with my mind a little, it kind of puts some pressure on me. Don't know if that makes sense but it does to me. Also, my boss is a very accomplished triathlete. She's done 25 Ironman and quite frankly intimidates me a little. She is moving to the Big Island next April so that cloud will be gone, so to speak. So I've decided to not decide what to do next year. I'm going to finish this year focusing on weight loss and I'll decide after that what I want to do.

Also, I think I'm having a hard time losing the weight because I have a little voice in my head that says it's hard for me to lose weight. Well, I'm working on stomping and squishing that voice so I can't hear it anymore. My weight watcher leader used to say, 'where the mind goes the body will follow' Well, my mind is going to lean, muscular country so body - get ready.....

Also, yesterday I went shopping. I can not tell you the last time I went clothes shopping. I've picked up things that I've needed here and there, but to just go shopping just to shop. What fun I had. I got a couple really cute tank tops. I got a pair of bermuda shorts that I'm dying to wear. I haven't worn bermuda shorts since I was a kid. I also got some workout gear and some very cool new rubber slippers (actually they are more hard molded plastic). I figure if I look good I will feel good and that too will help fuel the weight loss fire.

Then finally, I watched a DVD by the guy who wrote Precision Nutrition, John Berardi, and he talks about the mindset being one of the most important factors in transforming your body. Anyway, I'd forgotten or just lost track of that fact but this really brought it home. So now I have a whole new mental attitude. I am a person who eats really healthy stuff. I am a person who works out 7 days a week. I am a person who doesn't like sweet stuff. These things are true, I just have to internalize them so I don't have to think about them.

So watch this space for a rapid, unprecedented turn around and transformation. It's going to happen and I've got a little over 3 months to make it so. I will because where the mind goes the body will follow. On that note, pardon me, I have to go work out (or as I like to say, kick my own ass :)


Duane said...

Go Flo! I'm so with you! I'm on a plateau and have been for months. I work out 10 hours a week, I eat healty, but my mind plays games. I need to focus on the weight loss and min-set. I look forward to reading how you are doing. Please share the mental part - I can use some help!

angelfish24 said...

Way to go flo. Sound like a good plan and I do believe that about the mind. I also like 'The body can not achieve what the mind cannot perceive' or something like that. Good luck to you on your journey this year.
And a boss with ironmans under her belt, wow! I would be a little intimidated too. But, she just puts per pants on one at a time like we do, right?. ha.

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