14 August 2007

I have nothing to say

That's odd, because I can usually find something to write. For 2 days now - nothing.

I did Core work this morning and then went for a bike ride for my intervals. There are enough small hills around my house that I can get 30 seconds of hard effort pretty much anytime I want. Also, if I shift the bike into a harder gear that works too.

As you may recall, last January I was finally ready to buy a new bike. Then Rocco came down with his numerous cancerous tumors and my bike purchase was put on hold. The bike I have is an ancient Bianchi and quite frankly I'm tired of it. It only has 10 gears, the shifters are on the down sloping tube, it's old and I'm tired of it. Plus, I think I've out grown that bike, in terms of riding ability. So this weekend we had lunch at the Kona Brewery in Hawaii Kai. In that same shopping center is Koko Head Triathlon. I convinced my husband to go over there and look after lunch. They have a Fuji (I forget which model) for $1,000. The best part is it's pink :) I think I've convinced hubby that I need this bike. I probably shouldn't buy it but I'm riding the bike is my favorite thing and I've come to hate my bike.

That's really all I got. I'm working out. I'm working. There's not much more.


Vickie said...

Hopefully you can convince him to get you that bike! Not a bad price as bike prices go!

angelfish24 said...

Sounds like a good deal. I would love to get a new bike some day as I have a real cheap mountain bike but it'll have to wait.

Comm's said...

there are certainly days were I feel i must put something out there but have no muse. But often i have many great posts come all at once and save up.

Write twice, post once. Keep some for a rainy day.

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