16 August 2007

I need your help.

Could you please go over to my other blog, Flo's Place, and tell me if it's hard to read? Someone just told me it's very hard to read. I have horrible eyesight and I have no problem with it. Please do that for me, it won't take but a minute. Thank you.


Anna said...

A little bit. I think it's the starred background. Maybe if the text background were sold white or even light blue and the text were black. I don't know -- just a suggestion cause I like the stars.

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

As a former webmaster who used to deal with readability issues, white text on black background is almost as easy to read as black text on white.

You could remove the starry background or make the white text a bold font. Yellow on black is supposed to be fairly easy to read as well.

Good luck!

angelfish24 said...

I agree a little hard to read, not the print size, just the stars in the background are a little distracting. Not too bad though!

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