21 August 2007

Island Fever

I've really got it bad. For the past 18 months or so hubby and I have been so good with money. We have paid off a bunch (okay 3) credit cards. We have paid off 2 car loans. We have not spent any extravagant money on anything. We have been so stinking good it hurts.

Well, I've got island fever. I'm ready to go just about anywhere. I'm supposed to go to Europe in the next year or two. I'm ready now. Maybe Spain.
I hear Madrid is beautiful, especially this time of year. There are lots of Hotels in Madrid and there are even better places to stay. I'd love to explore, hike, bike, and drive around the Madrid area.

I bet the nightlife in Madrid is off the hook. I bet they party till all hours of the night. I don't do that but every once in a while I want to just cut loose.

I've also heard that Barcelona is beautiful too.

Barcelona is located on the coast so there is beach access. There are lots and lots of Hotels in Barcelona too. Or as the natives say, there are Hoteles en Barcelona . I'm really making myself crazy here. I can see myself on the beach, or sailing around on a catamaran. Yes, I know I live in Hawaii! That doesn't mean I don't dream of other ocean places.

Okay, back to reality. I need to go do dishes. So much for my exotic dreaming.

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